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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery

This term we are looking at Journeys . . .



Autumn 2017           

Willow ~  Reception 

Journeys’ and our local area is the main focus for the term as we discover an area of our school grounds to explore and conserve. A long side these themes we will be exploring seasonal changes and festivals.

Visits ~ A walk in the local area and
 ‘Attingham Park’ nearer to Christmas


Communication and language          

  • Listen to a range of stories and poems linked to our theme. E.g. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Rosie’s Walk, The Little Red Hen etc.
  • Answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions in response to experiences, stories and events.
  • Talk about past, present and future when talking about events that have or are about to happen. E.g. Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day



Place value (up to 10 then 20)
Addition  and Subtraction facts to 10
Multiplication  and Division (grouping and sharing)
Measures (weight, capacity, time, money and length)
Problem solving by doubling, halving and sharing.
Position and Direction (left, right, between, near, close, far, inside, outside, whole turn, quarter turn and three quarter turn.)



All ~ Focus on  picture books and look at the beginning middle and end just like a journey.

Learn to use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and demonstrate understanding when talking about what they have read.                                                           

Learn to use phonic knowledge to write words and learn more irregular common words. Write simple sentences that can be read by themselves and others and remember to leave finger spaces between words.                                       
Sequencing stories, labelling pictures, identify settings, writing letters, recipes, invitations and stories.


Understanding of the world                                

  • Using the words same and different as the world around us is explored.
  • What happens to the weather as we go through the seasons? What happens to the length of the day?  What changes take place as we pass through the seasons? (Science)
  • Find out about Christmas in the past, what are Mummy and Daddy's and Grandparents memories of Christmas in the past?
  • Name the main features in our immediate environment. (Geography)
  • Design and make musical instruments using items from the natural environment and junk. (Design and Technology)
  • Become familiar with programs on the i-pads and learn how to program the Bee-Bots which are programmable toys. (Computing)

Personal social and emotional development                   

What are rules?  What rules should we have for the classroom? Explore the school rules of care, share and be fair. How should we look after the outside environment? Look at the country code.


Expressive arts and design                                                                                                 

Music ~  Develop singing voices, keeping a pulse, creating sounds and short and long sounds.
Art and Design ~ Look at the how artists have used materials from the natural world and produce pictures with items collected from our surroundings. Find out about Andrew Goldsworthy. We will also be using collage, clay and printing to produce art work.



Values of Friendship and Perseverance

Why do we celebrate Harvest and Christmas? What is Succot? How are these festivals celebrated?


Physical development 

Dance and Gymnastics with Mrs Portman and  Games with Julie Dean

How do you stay healthy and safe?