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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery

Autumn Term 2016

nglish The types of writing we shall be doing this term are:
·       Personal recounts (A holiday postcard)
·       A biography of a Tudor monarch
·       A story set in the past
·       Instructions and explanations
·       Poetry based on Harvest
The children will continue to have a weekly spelling lesson and daily practice of a particular spelling pattern. There will be a weekly focus on Grammar and this term will include some conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and the different types of past tense.
The children will read daily and will read in a group once a fortnight. This will give opportunity to discuss a text in detail.
Maths Using the new Busy Ants scheme, our daily Maths lessons will cover place value, addition and subtraction, geometry, fractions, decimals and measures. This is a fast moving scheme but we shall be returning to each topic regularly.
History We will learn the chronology of monarchs during this period and some of the major changes that occurred during their reign. We shall discover how this exciting era began on a battle field and we shall act this out. We shall find out why Shrewsbury was such a major town during Tudor times and will discover what buildings have survived. We will sketch and build Tudor buildings and will have the opportunity to handle some artefacts on our visit to the museum.
Science We shall be studying the properties of materials this term: learning how particles are arranged in solids, liquids and gases and devising fair tests on various properties of materials to find out how magnetic they are and how waterproof. We shall also look at the water cycle.
Art We shall be building Tudor houses from cardboard and we shall be using photos taken on our visit to Shrewsbury to sketch carefully the major Tudor buildings.
PE Julie Dean and her team will organise an exciting and varied programme on Wednesday afternoons. We shall start our eight week block of swimming lessons on Tuesday 15th November.
RE/Assemblies We shall tell the story of The Greedy Farmer in our Open the Book assembly. Our values this term are peace and wisdom. We shall also consider the importance of Advent in the church calendar.
Music The Year four children will have a weekly violin lesson with Mrs Beynon. There is a weekly singing assembly during which we will learn songs for Harvest and for the Christmas productions.
Spanish Aneljka will be teaching the children conversational Spanish once a week.