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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery

End of Year Activities 2017

The school year draws to an end, and as in previous years, at Longden we like to finish with our traditional activities, details of which are below.

Tomorrow, Friday 14th July, is our Big Day Out. All children in the School will be traveling by coach to Cardingmill Valley for a whole school morning hike up the valley and around to the dam before returning to the lower valley for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, we divide into upper and lower school for traditional water play in the stream (much to the dismay of the ubiquitous secondary school students, scowling behind their clipboards and stripy poles). At present the forecast looks dry but cool so a warm top and bottoms will be useful and a waterproof coat just in case the black clouds, predicted for the afternoon, decide to join in the water play. In the past when the weather has been unkind, it can get very wet and very cold in the valley, so please make sure children are prepared (there is no Plan B). We are hoping it will stay dry as the field is being mown and marked for Sports Day.

On Monday 17th July from 3.15 to 6pm Parents Open Evening is a chance for you to share the work of the year with your child. This is an important opportunity for you to recognise effort and achievement across the three terms and to discover what challenges and successes your child has enjoyed along the way. Teaching staff will be on hand for a chat or if you have something of importance to discuss, a timed appointment list will be displayed outside each class for you to book a short interview.

School Sports Day is on Tuesday 18th July starting as soon after 1pm as possible and finishing with cream teas served by the PTA at 3pm. All are welcome to join us for this great occasion. The sports field is open from 12noon and you are welcome to enjoy a picnic lunch while the finishing touches are being made by Julie and Annette and the sports team. Those of you averse to the hard school chairs are encouraged to bring your own seating. Please could I endorse the PTA appeal for donations of scones, strawberries, cream or help in making this a special occasion for the school.
Nursery are holding a Leavers Tea Party for their departing children on Wednesday 19th July at 2pm. Later that day, the school grounds will be open from 5.30pm for wining and dining to be followed by the drama club’s presentation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the hall, starting at 6.30pm (ish). All are welcome to this event for which no tickets are required (a chair might be handy though).

Finally, term and year end with our farewell to the Y6 children in our Leavers Assembly starting at 1pm in the hall, Friday 21st. All are encouraged to join us for this special occasion to mark the passing of yet another great Y6. There will be slideshows featuring events from all classes over the school year, entertainment from our music scholars, memories from our Y6 children and the presentation of gifts to the leavers. Could I ask parents of all music students – whether with the school tuition groups or not – to strongly encourage your child to perform a piece, details of which should be sent to me on a piece of paper, post-it etc. Musicians are allowed to practice during break times next week and should be ready to set up immediately following lunch on Friday.

Is it age catching me up or do the years seem to get busier and go by faster? What a full-on time we have been enjoying: Arthog and Wilderhope, Shrewsbury winning the County School Games (with a little help from Longden orienteers and archers), second in the Pontesbury area swimming gala, triumph in the County U11 Boys Small Schools Trophy, Bikeability, Wildlife Trust Wood Lane visits, Easter Appeal fundraising fun, Chestnut Bone Age, Stone Age trip, Nursery Sports and so on. On top of all this two things stand out in my mind. One, that a busy school – and in this I include the children, staff, governors and families – can, in the midst of all that is going on in the name of giving our children some of the very best educational experiences, come together on a calm, slightly overcast evening in early July and enjoy the pleasure of that most traditional of events, the Summer Fair. An enormous thank you to the PTA organisers and to all who potted, painted, sang, strummed, wrapped, cooked, served our way to a wonderful evening of fun: such an atmosphere of genuine joy in being together as a school, Longden at its best. And finally the children and staff, who in spite of the diary’s best efforts at diverting them from their studies, have managed this year to produce some excellent academic results in the end of year tests and assessments. That holiday is going to feel so much better for all of that hard work, thank you.

School, of course is closed until Tuesday 5th September when we look forward to welcoming some new faces in Nursery and Reception and Y1, 4 and 6; and we look forward also to next term’s topics. Our geography theme – Our Locality – starts with the whole school walk to Radlith, some conservation work in the school grounds, an exciting Design Technology topic and the legendary Christmas Concert. In the meantime, on behalf of the governors and staff, may I wish you a very joy-filled and sunny summer break,

 C Tay, Headteacher.