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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery


Jessica Steward, Parent of Carly:

"Longden Nursery is in my mind the best Nursery/pre-school in the country! I couldn’t wish for anybody better or nicer to look after my little girl than the team at Longden. Everything about Longden Nursery is faultless, I’m in awe of the enthusiasm, hard work, imagination and effort that is put in by all involved to make it such a magical place for children to enjoy & grow in"



I love dressing up at playschool, being spiderman is best and playing with my friends. I like P.E. because there are lots of things to climb and I love climbing. I like Charlotte because she is kind and has golden hair and I like Katie because of the way she talks. 


Lauren Hartshorn, Parent of Bertie:

We are so pleased to have such a lovely nursery as part of Longden school, especially as they have a close relationship with the school meaning the transition is smooth when the time comes. The staff are all so lovely, something which has been made even more apparent in the lock down situation. The time they have invested in providing fun and informative activities for the little ones to do at home has been very appreciated.  During the months that my little one was able to attend nursery, Charlotte was very accommodating and made the whole process of starting nursery enjoyable. They provide a real variety of activities and work with the nature of the individual making it a really fun place and one my little one can't wait to get back to. 


Clare Mottram, Parent of Chloe:

From the minute we did our trial visit right up to now, a year later, Chloe has been made to feel welcomed, celebrated and supported. Charlotte and team do an amazing job creating and carrying out a wide range of activities to suit different styles and meet various learning objectives in a fun and engaging way. Something we now know more about since the Coronavirus lockdown! They have been a tremendous source of inspiration and support during this difficult time.  Chloe literally skips in everyday as she loves it so much.  She settled in very quickly and made lots of lovely friends. Our main problem is encouraging her to come home! When asked to describe nursery in three words her immediate response was ‘I LOVE IT!’ (Think the three words part might have been a fluke!)


And it’s not just the children who are supported and engaged – this is rolled out to parents and family members too! We’ve been to so many lovely events in the nursery itself (leaving celebrations, birthdays and bake sales) and in the wider school (sharing assemblies, sports days).  There is an amazing sense of community and this will no doubt help the transition to ‘big school’ when the time arrives…  Particularly, as the children get to spend time in the main school building for lunches, assemblies and sports lessons.


It would be remiss not to mention the fabulous Mr. Tay, who the kids adore and is spot on with his communications, making the most of ClassDojo to reach children and parents alike.  We are delighted that our daughter has been able to attend the nursery and whilst we will all be super sad when it’s time for her to leave the setting and the wonderful team, we look forward to continuing her journey in the wider school.