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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery

This term we are...

Autumn 2017



We will be studying persuasive writing: identifying active features of effective persuasive texts and speeches and using them to write and deliver a persuasive speech linked to our John Muir work in Geography.


Year 5 and 6 will continue to follow the Nelosn Spelling programme and will have weekly spelling lists to learn in school and at home.
We will begin to focus on basic punctuation and word classes to make sure we are secure with these before we move on to the more advanced topics.


Year 5 and 6 will continue to follow the Busy Ants Programme for maths. We will be learning about place value; mental and written addition, subtraction, division and multiplication; 2D and 3D shapes; fractions and position and direction.


This term we will be learning about electricity: how electric circuits work; drawing diagrams of electric circuits using the correct scientific symbols; creating our own electric circuits including light and sound; learning about how light travels and how we see things.


Our locality: John Muir
This term we will be working towards a John Muir award: this involves locating a wild area and deciding how we can conserve it, improve it and also reporting our findings and opinions to others.
We will also be learning about John Muir himself.
Our whole school walk will be on 25th September.

Religious Education

FESTIVALS OF FOOD: This term we will be learning about the Christian celebration of Harvest and the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. We will be learning about how different religions express their belief through worship and celebration.
Our values this term are Friendship and Perseverance.

Design and Technology

We will be using our science work on electric circuits to create our own games that require an electric circuit to work.
We will design, make and review our own buzz games.


(Wednesday afternoons)
Swimming on a Tuesday morning from 12.9.17 to 7.11.17


We will continue to learn basic conversational Spanish from Anjelica on Monday mornings.