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Longden CE Primary School and Nursery

Swimming Lessons

April 2022


Ash class, together with Maple Year 2 pupils, completed their swimming lessons on 5th April. We are now preparing for a swimming gala involving Trinity, Long Mountain and Longden schools. We will prepare for this by starting with a mini gala for each class as follows:


10th May 2022 - Chestnut


17th May 2022 - Oak 


24th May 2022 - Ash and Maple Year 2s


Winners from these mini class galas, making up the final team, will then participate in a further practice session on 7th June 2022.


The final gala involving all three schools will take place in July 2022 - date TBC.


Unfortunately, as three schools are participating, there will not be any space to accommodate spectators.

Shrewsbury School Pool Risk Assessment (Longden School's swimming lesson venue)